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DISCLOSURE: LinkSTYLIST links MUST be unique to your name or business name. Not all emojis are compatible with all socail media platforms. Before activating, please research and perform all necessary testing.  

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Brief list of FAQs

Will my LinkSTYLIST link redirect to my Booking site?

Yes. Your LinkSTYLIST link will simply redirect to any existing webpage

Do I need a website to have a linkstylist link?

No! If you currently use a Booking Site or a social media page as a way to attract clients, your LinkSTYLIST link will redirect clients to that page.

Where can I place my link?

LinkSTYLIST links can be placed anywhere online. LinkSTYLIST links look great on Facebook, Instagram, And on Suite directories. There are simply no restrictions or limitations and it can be used on any existing url. 

Can I exchange my link?

Yes! Create and exchange your link as many times as you’d like.

Are LinkSTYLIST links case sensitive?

Are LinkSTYLIST links case sensitive? No. With LinkSTYLIST, you can capitalize any part of the link.

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